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I have nothing new to post because yesterday my daughter was assaulted by a freshman boy on the school bus.  He slapped her face so hard at 7:45 am that at 9:40pm when she got home from track, we could still see the red hand print.  He has been given 25 days out of school suspension and we are pressing assault charges.

His male chauvinist remarks have only dug him a deeper hole-  "women should know their place and respect men" that was one of his comments right after he hit her and the other teenagers on the bus witnessed the talk and reported it to the school principal and the school officer. There were others made during the course of the day and all have been reported and it is obvious to us he is from an abusive home.  I have been told by my son that the boys at school want to work him over just for hitting a girl. Now that isn't necessary, but it's nice to know the boys at school don't condone the actions by this kid but it's sad that they want to use the same tactics on him. Human nature? hmmmmm

Anyhow,  she is bruised and doing ok today, but I know the trauma it gave her.  The boy was being rude on the bus and after several times of several teens asking him to be quiet he continued to be obnoxious and using fowl language and she asked him to shut up, and he cussed at her so, she took her brothers water bottle and poured some of it on him. His actions were NOT appropriate (according to vp, the boy only got a spot of water on his shoulder. She didn't drench him and I am NOT condoning what she did either).  It was uncalled for on both parts but especially his brutality.

So that is why I have nothing new to share. I have been a bit busy! I have a hair cut tomorrow and Lisa and I are supposed to get together to scrapbook-  gee, I hope we do I need the getaway! lol

hugs to all


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Sara in WI

I am so sorry that your daughter had to go through this.


Holy cow! That is unreal!!

Aimee Ybarra

So sorry to hear about the assault I hope the boy gets help and realize what he has done was uncalled for. I also hope your daughter will be able to get passed it. Big Hugs to her & your family.
Aimee Y. =)


that is absolutely horrible! hope your daughter is alright!


Goodness! It amazes me the things these kids think they can get by with. I am glad he got suspended from school and that charges are being bought against him. Some that is the only way to learn their lesson to not be abusive. Sounds like this kid has some real problems and better to get them taken care of at a younger age that to let it fester and he really hurt someone bad.
Happy Katie is ok.
Angel hugs and enjoy your day out tomorrow.

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