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How to afford Food Storage

How to afford Food Storage
Adapt and combine these ideas to make then work for you
1. OVERBUY- every shopping day buy 3 or 4 packages or cans of shopping list items instead of just one. (Great thing to do during a sale!)

2. Set aside a certain amount each payday strictly for food storage items
3. Shop the ads
4. Plan ahead and buy in large amounts the items you frequently use. Feed your family from these items.
5. Total commitment.  Live on whets no hand and spend the total food budget each month on storage items until everything is obtained. This will take some tricky and innovative menu planning, but it is the quickest way to complete storage.
6. Use cool whip tubs instead of Tupperware or Rubbermaid
7. Buy a larger quantity instead of individually packaged items: frozen juice instead of squeeze box drinks, a carton of ice cream instead of Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars etc….
8. Make your own fruit leather instead of fruit roll ups or buy fresh fruits instead of the fruit roll ups
9. Use cloth diapers
10. Identify where you over spend such as toys, out to dinner, clothing, movies and entertainment etc...  Use the money you would have used on these things on your food storage instead.
11. Give food storage as gifts.

and many many more ways!  just find the ones that work for you!


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