Retired Stamp set reminder

Would you like to help my son and the choir?

This message will remain at the top until Oct 3rd. All new daily posts are still here just keep scrolling down!

Our highschool choir is having a fund raiser and Kasey is trying to win prizes!  Please visit: gecklerstore   and on this weg page type in RLOLRCH rol972 (it may or may not have the space, I dont know and it could go in 2 lines) where it asks for the seller id.  the DEADLINE for orders is October 2, 2007.

Then you can shop for anything you like and it will be delivered directly to you.  I have tried the food mixes in the past and they are very good.

Kay has a wonderful granddaughter and she called to ask him to help her out and we bought something and within a couple of weeks it was delivered.

So much faster than waiting for the school to receive it and get it back! lol

thank you for your consideration and your support for our high school choir!


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I tried and the user id was not valid.

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