Partners in Crime er is that Stamping?


This is what my project is today-  to get this compost unloaded before the rain.

One of those times I wish I had a dump bed on my truck!

Compost But just think of the wonderful soil this is going to help make in my flower beds and garden!  yippeee

I thought you would get a kick out of my license plate-  It was my nickname during middle and high school. And part of my screen name after my divorce.

Yes, 36" inseam- so the name fits!  I will be back later tonight or tomorrow with some more quilt photos that is if my back is working after all this shoveling!

see you later gater!



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Jan Scholl

I am making my own compost this year instead of carting it in and paying for it. I also am buying a small wood chipper so we can chip up all the tree branches that fell this spring. I have to move my herb garden-again. Seems the dog thinks its his personal chateau. So puttin git farther back and up higher near the regualr garden which is layered anyways. I do lasagna gardening in all my areas, so its almost weedfree and very fertile. Just waiting for it to warm up enough to see what is out there.

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