OH NO!!!

Partners in Crime er is that Stamping?

Saturday Vanessa and I attended a Women's Retreat in Carthage Missouri, and my wonderful hubby Kay went along with us to help.  I had a really great time and met some of the nicest ladies! I look forward to contacting those whose names I received from the door prize jar.

April14thcarthage2007_016 Vanessa and I helped with the make and take for 400 women. PHEW!  It was fun to hear the giggles and see the smiles. (more photos on Vanessa's blog)

I have to tell you a story about the women you see in this photo, (and this is about 1/2 of them) I was walking around helping answering questions etc and one table of 8 said to me- "how does this look? We couldn't hear what she was saying, so we just made our own".  I started to laugh and leaned in to the table and said-  "of all the cards I have seen, your table is the only one that made it like her example!" We all had a great laugh! and I wasn't kidding!  It never ceases to amaze me how you can give out exact directions and no one listens or follows them but the fact is that the gals were having fun and there is nothing to take the place of that!

April14thcarthage2007_010_2 Here we are Mutt and Jeff!  (I am Jeff the tall one on the left)  We received several lovely compliments on our display.


This is the courthouse in Carthage, isnt it just lovely? Oh, those are rain specks on the window too.  There were many buildings and homes built of this stone and so many many lovely old homes, I am excited to take a day trip and go back to tour the town and visit the Precious Memories museum there. We didn't go to the museum like we had planned, we were pretty tired by 4:00.

All in all it was a wonderful day and spending it with Vanessa made it even more grand!

April14thcarthage2007_005Yep, that's me! Thanks Vanessa for asking me to come along!


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Carolyn Ruby

Wow! Just looking at the picture of all the ladies is intimidating! Hopefully you will get lots and lots of positive results!

Save Carthage for when I come to visit! I can't believe I lived in Missouri for 13 years and never made it there!



Looks like you had a wonderful time! Wow making that many make and takes...You ladies ROCK!!!

Barb S

YIKES....Look at all those ladies!! And they didn't even miss your 38 stap pads!! LOL! You HAVE to go back to the Precious Memories for sure. But make sure you go on a NICE day...you do alot of walking outide to see LARGE PM things. The Church is the best part and the drive to the Wedding chapel is beautiful(course with the freeze the trees & flowers could be hurting.). You looked really professional at your table. Hope you got lots of new business!!

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