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How Much do you REALLY love chocolate?

Happy Valentines day!!  With over 13,000 views to my blog as of this morning, I decided to make something special just for one of you!  This morning I created this adorable box and filled it with chocolate!

Since this is the day of love, what I want to know is:

What is a sexy suprise you have given your guy, (PG rated of course) i.e. showing up at his office for a lunch date, drive in movies, romantic dinner etc...? and tell me how much you love chocolate and WHY you want to win!

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I will tell you mine AFTER you all tell me yours!!   My husband will choose the one he likes best tonight and I will post it tomorrow!

Feel free to post this to your blog, email this article to your friends and email groups! Everyone deserves a chance to win!!!



This box measures:

4.5" x 3" x 1" deep

Do you recognize this paper?

If not, just wait until you see the new Spring Mini Catalog March 1st you are going to love these new SU! designer papers!

I think this would make a darling wedding shower/baby shower favor or a gift to someone special!


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How much do I really love chocolate, can't even begin to tell you. Melt in your mouth milk chocolate, chocolate and mint, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzels, yum, well you get the idea, now that I'm dreaming of chocolate and drooling on the keyboard. I'll even eat things I don't like (raisins..yuck!) if they have chocolate on them.
The sexiest surprise for my husband would have to be when I purchased massage oils and sent my kids to my moms.
I think I should win the blog candy, because now you have me dreaming of some wonderful chocolate and have none in my house to eat AHHH!

Michelle Rose

As far as my love for chocolate...everyone calls me a chocoholic! That I believe says it all.
What I've done for my husband is plan a dinner for when the girls go to bed and then a board game and cards. We really enjoy just unwinding to silly games. Sometimes we shock each other with something more romantic, but the real reason why our marriage is so good is that we are best friends every day of the year and not just on valentine's day.

Lana B

Wow, Gwen...leme think...Probably the time I bought something to wear involving animal prints for BOTH of us to wear *wink* to go along w/ the blueberry flavored somethin-something *winking again* BUT we wound up laughing SO hard at the blueberry "stuff" all we wanted was pancakes!!!! LOL Now THAT was funny!
And I must say, chocolate is the BASE of MY food pyramid!!!!!!!!!!*big grin*
~Lana B.~

Rene' Cota

This sounds like alot of fun, sure you are ready for all these answers?? I think the sexiest thing I've done for my better half DH was this morning. He works third shift so I was waiting for him in a very red negligee with candles lit, soft music playing and potion, lotions to play with from a surprise party I went to recently. His mouth fell open when he walked in the room, I'm a rather shy type of girl so this was a shock to his system (devilish grin here). I always let him know how much he means to me every day. He is the world to me, besides my children.
Chocolate.....Does anyone not like chocolate??? It is a daily part of my life!!!! Lol Dark, light. white, you name it I love it!
Thanks Gwen, this was fun.

Debbie Fisher

he loves it when we just stay home and I cook his favorite meals


Oh how fun :-)
Probably the thing I would say is a mini-scrapbook I made him one year. Each page said "something I love about you" - and then a picture and journaling corresponding to whatever it was. For example - I love your laughter - and then a picture of him laughing and why I love his laughter so much. We've been married for 15 years - he cries everytime he looks at it. We also leave the word "SHMILY" in hidden places for each other to find - written on a mirror before he takes a shower in the morning so he sees it once the mirror gets foggy - or hidden in a desk drawer at work or in a pair of socks for work. SHMILY stands for "see how much I love you"
Anyway - I love being married to him and don't regret even a moment of the past 15 years. Happy Valentines Day!

Susan Liles

Hmmm...I love chocolate so much that when I eat too much of it, I get a headache from the euphoria it puts me in!!! Therefore, unfortunately I have to limit myself. The most romantic/sexy thing I have done for my husband would have to be just leaving him little notes here and there for him to find (in his medicine cabinet, in his lunch, on his cellphone) that tell him how much he means to me and how much I love and appreciate him. He loves words of affirmation and this is sexy and romantic to HIM and that's why I do it. He is a great guy!!

Linda Yamakido

well,,,one time I bought this oil,,, the kind that warms,,, now you are thinking I am going to get a little scary here, but no,,, we tried it,,, and
laughed and laughed and laughed,,, it didn;t quite have the effect we thought it would,,,lol,, still laughing and loving after 39 years


The real question for me would much chocolate can you safely hide in your desk without anyone else finding about it (esp. when you made a secret trip last night to the grocery store to further stock up on chocolate peanut butter hearts and chocolate caramel kisses)? (As it turned out, quite a bit...). The sexiest thing I have ever done is wear a fetching one-piece underthing all day one Valentine's so I could surprise him...OMG, those are not meant to be worn that long! I almost died from heat exhaustion and don't even get me started on the thong part! It didn't matter much to him since he loves my naughty things in one place alone...on the floor! OK...everybody laugh now...

Heidi Teadt

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my love for chocolate. First, they say you need to eat from all the food groups, well on my food pyramid, chocolate is the big one on the bottom. I don't think I can go a day without at least one small piece of chocolate. It just smoothes my mind. I use to buy a bag of kisses and take a few with me in the car on the way to a WS. I would eat one at time (suck on it) and try to make them last until I got to the workshop. This was a way to enjoy the last few minutes of quiet before all the fun of a workshop starts. My family has already gotten into the routine of asking if I 'need' some chocolate when they head to the store, lol.

Jenn Barrett

Gwen, Ok... I'm getting frustrated. Every time I try to post on the blog, it times out on me. Here's what I'm trying to post, if you have time and can get it out there.

Every year, my husband and I go to a bed and breakfast for a weekend close to Valentine's Day (our anniversary is the 15th). This year, I have filled a basket full of goodies for him that I thought we would both enjoy. The basket contains a CD of romantic songs we both like, "love" mugs for sipping tea/cocoa/coffee this weekend, dark chocolate covered cashews (his favorite nut besides me, of course), dark chocolate truffles, a new silk nightie for me and boxers for him, and some Black Currant Vanilla scented massage oil, body lotion, and bubble bath. I also made a picture frame from a 6X6 scrapbook page (made with SU products, of course)that he can put on his desk at work. I'm usually not very romantic, so all of this should shock the socks off of him! Well... that and the silk nightie, since my favorite PJ's are my flannel ones! I gave him a small bag of dark chocolate covered cashews this morning, as a teaser, but he has no idea about what's in store. If it isn't
too cold on Sunday, I have a romantic walk in the woods planned. I love chocolate SO MUCH that I've been guilty of hiding it at home so no one else can find it. My step kids are so scared of the consequences of eating it that they ask permission for every piece they take. My "chocolate drawer" at work has a lock on it. Once I start I can't stop and just talking about it now has me salivating. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, too, so it really, really good for us! RIGHT??? :) Aren't the five food groups dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, and bittersweet chocolate? Thanks, Jen -----

Heidi Teadt

Ok, I will try this again. for some reason my post did go through and I got an error.

I think I would have to say that my husband loved the gift I gave him a few years ago. I bought enough red heart balloon for each year we had a Valentine's Day together. With a sharpie I wrote numbers on each balloon to represent each year. I then tied the balloons, one by one, to the stairs, across the banaster and down the hall to our room. Then when he opened our bedroom door there was a huge heart shaped balloon on our bed with a card attached to it. How many balloons did I have traveling through the house? There were 24 small heart and one large one! My children thought is was the best I idea ever and wanted to even help me with them (and they were teens)! I have a couple pictures of what it looked like, but I do not know how to add them to this. Heidi


My husband travels alot so the times that he is home are very sacred. One time he has away for 3 weeks I picked him up at the airport. I was wearing a trenchcoat and a very pretty black number underneath..sorry no pics available. He was very naive as he could not figure out why I would be wearing something like that on a sunny day.... needless to say...

Chocolate.....there is nothing else in the world like it. I tell everyone it is my favorite vegetable as it does come from a bean. I like both dark and milk. I am sad that I can't get milky way bars or 100 grand here. Also Hersheys does not taste the same in Canada as it does in the US...

Happy Valentine's Day!



Last year I made him a library card pocket booklet with tags in each of the 10 pockets. I wrote out 10 reasons why I loved him on each tag. That was 100 reasons and none were the same. He had made a comment one time that he couldn't think of 100 reasons why he loved me and he knew I couldn't do it either. Each tag had neat ribbons on it and the bookelt was held together with the same tags. Needless to say, we spent the evening going over some of those reasons. And... chocolate was involved!

Why do I love chocolate? Well, that is a no brainer - I am addicted. I eat chocolate all day every day. My studemts tell me I could inject it into my veins like a drug because I am so dependent on it! I keep chocolate in my classroom, but they know I do not share it with them. They have to do something really special to get my chocolate! I keep different candy for them as treats! It is a good thing my addiction to stamping is not as bad as the chocolate - I would REALLY be in trouble.
Nancy Clrk


I think my husband would say he loved it when I made him a poster, with written words and different candy bars to fill in the spaces, like " I love you MOUNDS and MOUNDS " using a Mounds candy bar, stuff like that. Wish I had a pic to show you but it is packed away since we moved. I got the idea out of a magazine and he thought that it was the coolest thing ever ! Hee Hee After being married for 17 years, I try to come up with original ideas.


I LOVE chocolate...especially dark chocolate! Why do I want to win the box...'cuz it is so cute! I think my DH would say that when I say black or red he loves it. Use your imagination and i'm sure you'll understand why!

Great job with this blog candy, Gwen!

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