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And the Winner is.......

This is the email I received from my husband just a few minutes ago....... 

Here is the winner: 

I chose this one because first, it high lights the SU products and how they can be used in everyday life, and second, because this took some real thought and planning on her part and the gift of time is the one of the most ‘sexy’ things that a guy can get or give.

I love you so very much.


Last year I made him a library card pocket booklet with tags in each of
The 10 pockets.  I wrote out 10 reasons why I loved him on each tag.
That was 100 reasons and none were the same.  He had made a comment one
Time that he couldn't think of 100 reasons why he loved me and he knew
I couldn't do it either.  Each tag had neat ribbons on it and the
Bookelt was held together with the same tags.  Needless to say, we
Spent the evening going over some of those reasons.  And... Chocolate
Was involved!

Why do I love chocolate?  Well, that is a no brainer - I am addicted.
I eat chocolate all day every day.  My studemts tell me I could inject
It into my veins like a drug because I am so dependent on it!  I keep
Chocolate in my classroom, but they know I do not share it with them.
They have to do something really special to get my chocolate!  I keep
Different candy for them as treats!  It is a good thing my addiction to
Stamping is not as bad as the chocolate - I would REALLY be in trouble.



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NANCY!  email me your mailing address and your prize will go postal tomorrow!

Thanks to all for playing it was so much fun and so many good ideas as well and chuckles.  I appreciate you all more than you will ever know!



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Congratulations Nancy!!! Wooh, I need to get creative like you!!! ;o) Maybe I will get more Stampin' stuff!!!

Lois Michael

Hi Gwen, Just wanted to say your DH sounds like a romantic himself! We women that have guys like our DH are very blessed! Lois

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