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DeAnna Tillmon/Stamp'Up Demonstrator

Gwen, you have yourself an awesome husband, Thank for sharing the techniques for a man-ly guy card.

Kris Keuler

Kay, once again you've done it!
This is a must try for me.
Great job, love how you interject the music while the heat gun is on ;)

Patt Brantley

Just found your blog. Love the videos, thanks so much. Great to see a guy into stamping. Would love a video showing your stamping space and how you organize supplies.

kris keuler

Awesome way that you came up with putting a new twist on wax paper resist technique.
I love it! Can't wait to try it.
Kay, looking forward to your next video!


Judi Markel

Great job Kay, enjoyed every minute. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Mary Tucker

Another great video, thanks for sharing!

Kris Keuler


You are so inventive, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,
how you used the punches to make those darling pumkins. Now I need more punches!


Mary Tucker

Great video!! Thanks for sharing!

Mary T

Mikal Gadley

I would like to know if I can order 30 of those bags for Laramie's class for Halloween??


You both are amazing.
I wish me and my hubby and kids did stamping more often. I'd still be selling Stampin' Up!

You both Rock.

Patricia Bearden

Terrific tutorial---no problem with the sound at all. YOur hubby is a great teacher, easy to understand. My husband would do the cutting for me, but he is never home, can be found on the golf course or in the bowling alley.
thanks again for the wonderful tut.
Patricia Bearden

Rose Alexa

I hope the masculine side of SU just keeps growing!! Good job and TFS-
Rose A.

Hope Keene

Okay, I had to view this video when I heard about it - and I'll tell you my expectations were low. (sorry) Weelll, I was really impressed with the video and your knowledge of the product terminology, Kay. I think you even taught me a new technique - bumping. While I was watching the video, my hubby walked by and actually stopped to watch, which was a first.

I can see that you both really enjoy stamping - and each other. Way to go!

Susan Timmerman

LOVE IT!!! First, I love the music! I walk around humming that all the time! Second, LOVE what you did with the aluminum can! I never thought of that! Third, I also have never thought of the "bump" thing to give it the sense of moving along. And, last but not least, I love that trick with using the tape! I usually use a marker to color the part I want. The tape seems ALOT quicker and easier! I love your videos Hon! Wish my husband got into the card making and such like you do!!!!.....Susan

Cynthia Ferenz

Great card, Jay! I bought this set for my son who has a Jeep - although - I was thinking it was a dog driving - looking at it again - I guess it could be whichever you want it to be - LOL! Anyway - love the card & video - keep up the good work!


Gwen, you lucky woman; my husband does take in interest in my projects but that's as far as it goes. Thank-you both for sharing.


Karen Petersen

Hey, this could be dangerous for me! If my husband decided to venture into my stamping world and just happened to enjoy it, he would then KNOW how many materials I have! Then, after he recovered from that and decided to join me, I would have to share my space! Seriously, thanks for the informative and enjoyable video. I even learned something new...the tap on the word stamp. Great trick! Karen in California

Julie Semones

Excellent job Kay! Gwen you've got yourself quite a guy! My husband has stamped before, but nothing like what your husband has done!

Thanks for sharing the video!


Kim Schultz

Wonderful job Kay! TFS!!!


I'm amazed that you got your husband to stamp with you!! I wish I could. Your husband did an amazing job

Priscilla A.

This is great, your hubby did a wonderful job and really knows his stuff! :o) I think it's great you have such a fun and supportive husband. ;o)

~*Priscilla A.*~

debi engle

This is so kewl....I now have MY DH cutting up all sorts of thank you for an awesome video!


I am so impressed your hubby is so supportive. My husband is as well, however, not to this extent "YET". Haha we just watching your video together and said....hmmm I might be able to do that, don't you think honey!!! MADE MY DAY!! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!!!


WooHoo! Awesome job Kay! Love the card, talk my hubby into crafting with me will ya? I would love to have him be into the crafts I am into. Gwen, your so lucky!
Love your music in the video.
Angel hugs

Marti Crapo

Great Team - love the video and the card!

Mary Tucker

Great video and now I know what I can do with all those coke cans I have, lol. Looking forward to the next video.

Mary Tucker

Kim Colarusso

Awesome video!! my 16 year old son and his dad are drinking coke at 10:00AM in the morning. AND they asked if they could take my Big Shot to the garage!!

Judith McKee


What fun. You are as fun as Gwen. Looking forward to seeing more videos. Great way to promote the business and let people SEE how easy stamping can really be.



Excellent job Kay! Hope to you more of your videos. Great card!


Great video! Kay, you did an awesome job. Love the Cat on a Hot Tin Road card!!

Mary Davis

You're so lucky to have a supporting husband who will make cards and videos. Great video. I look forward to seeing more of them.


This is awesome!! Great video and I love the thought of using a can as part of your card. Thank you for all your time and energy you put into the video to share with us.

Lynn Starzl

Love it! My hubby watched with me. Wish he could do something like this. He just calls me the confetti queen and rolls his eyes. Lynn


Terrific job on the "Manly Card"... and yes, that "Honey, can you cut this for me" in that helpless female voice works wonders on the Dear Husbands and Dear Significant Others out there :)


Greeat job! Enjoyed the video!!

virginia killmore

Gwen my hubby will also be attending Great videos virginia killmore

Suzie Q.

Love, Love, Love the videos. Way to Go Kay!!! I also didn't know about support Demos. I can't wait for my husband to come in from offshore (where he works) so that I can show him the videos. Every now and then he will help me and it would be wonderful for him to sign up.

Terry Molineux

What a great job you guys did. BTW which my husband was that supportive....I cannot even get him to hold a stamp let alone make a card!


this is absolutely terrific!! dont' worry bout the sound, I get that same issue....I think it's YOU TUBE'S fault!! big grin....can't wait to give this a try!

Carolyn Sue Groves

Enjoyed your video very much. I met Gwen on Farmtown and it's been fun getting to know her. We became face book friends because of stampin'Up! I admire her creativity. I think it is wonderful that you two share this hobby/business. My hubby collects postage stamps and when I started stamping I told him I was so glad that we have a hobby to share now...both of us stamp collectors.
Nice blog. I visit often.
Carolyn Sue Groves (Lady Bug)

Linda Hansen

Kay ... your video was fantastic! The lighting was so good too!

I will miss seeing you and Gwen at Convention this year. I'll be out and about Tuesday evening at the Hilton, so if you happen to be around I may just run into you!

Ramona Wilson

I love the video, Kay! I wish I could have gotten a closer look at your projects though. Next time, get Gwen behind the camera so she can zoom in on your beautiful creations when you show them off.
I think you should host a "Make and Take" for the men at church so they can give their wives a super special card for every occasion!


OH MY GOSH !!! You crack me up !!!!! I love ya man !! You are so much fun and just watching your video makes me really want to see what you guys are talking about. Keep upi the great work. How you presented everything and your enthusiasm is contagious. I LOVE IT !!!!


Great job Kay! Great job Gwen on getting your hubby involved as a supporting demonstrator!!!!

Tammy Cottrill

Kay - You're a natural! Gwen - You're a luck lady to have a husband so supportive. Hopefully, he'll be an incentive to other husbands. :)

Pam L.

How great is this! Wow! I can't wait until you do some other videos Kay. Gwen you are one lucky lady. I am now trying to think on how I can get my husband involved in my Stampin Up adventures. He is artistic, creative....You know everything a Stampin Up demo wants in a husband. Thanks Kay, I love the video!

Lori Barnett

You are so cute I just wanna pinch your cheek! LOL! Great job. I look forward to seeing the next "episode"

Gina Rallo

Great job! Too bad we all can't have a husband as supportive. Looking forward to more videos!

Jean Fitch

Congratulations Kay on the first video. Gwen is a lucky lady to have you as part of teh team.

Looking forward to seeing what else you have for us in the future. I'd love it though if when you show your cards you put them closer to the camera so I could really see them and enjoy them. Time to check out the blog as you suggested.

Blessings - Jean



I think it is wonderful that you get to be creative AND spend some quality time with your wife to. I am interested in swapping with you. How would I go about that?

Happy Stamping!


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