Yep! 5 DAYS............ I thought I was going to die lol Evidently last Thursday someone cut a fiber optic cable and it shut down ALL internet in the area until about 5 minutes ago :... Read more →

Taking this moment to share photos and brag a bit about my 3 kids Raymond- my oldest born May 1982 Father to Jack, Logging truck loader aka logger, hunter, and handyman SINGLE (hint hint lol)... Read more →

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Life Happens

My sweet friends, life has a way of happening to each of us. Yesterday my husband lost his job. We have no idea where or what we will be going/doing as it is still to... Read more →

Sigh, the office crud my loving hubby shared is finally gone from my body! What an inconvenience that was~! Thank goodness for nose spray, Thieves oil and oregano oil from youngliving!! We have a wonderful... Read more →