Stamp a Stack of Cards!!!!


I try hard not to be get caught up here about what the "world" is being stupid about currently,  but this race bating, not standing for the flag garbage has my dander up!!!

I share this jpeg on every FB post I can find  either in replies or on my own pages.  What is the matter with people these days?

When Tim Tebow kneeled for prayer,  the media flogged him for months!  I am so sick of the games the media is playing with our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren! Satan is VERY happy with what is happening and people are allowing him to run their thoughts and lives-  what a shame!!!!!


I am NOT sorry if you are offended by this post, being offended is a personal choice.  I love America, I love what this flag stands for (freedom)  and our Military who serve to protect our freedoms in this country. If everyone is so unhappy here and with our flag- please, please move out of the USA this week!

I will NEVER watch another NFL football game as long as I live- I am sick of all the garbage and I am sick of the garbage/personal agenda from Hollywood too.   





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