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Let's Salsa!

I want to share the news!  It's Salsa Time at our house!

I am so ready to pull up all the tomato plants in the garden!  My pepper plants aren't producing so well this year, but I do have a LOT of bees, HUGE bees almost on every flower out there and that is great news, but I also have Japanese beetles shredding my plants. Never let anyone tell you that bugs wont eat marigolds because its a lie! There is nothing that those beetles won't touch in the garden. I am using Neem spray on them but I just cannot keep up. They decimated the leaves in one of our trees and now they are driving me nuts on my garden plants. Rant over (for now)

Here are a few photos of my Salsa and if you want the delicious recipe,  you will need to leave a comment below and include your email address.

TRUST me! This recipe is delicious and was given to me by my neighbor Dottie.



And I have 3 more batches that I didn't take a picture of-  Now, if I could just sell the tomatoes I picked this weekend and then pull the plants~!

I hope your canning season is going well too!




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Beverley Kitchen

i would love this recipe it looks so delicious...

 Nadine Motes

Love that you are sharing your recipe--I would like it please and Thanks!!



Your salsa looks so good I would love the recipe. Leilani260@yahoo.com


Jeanne Moss

We restructured our garden this year and added a lot of nutrients to the soil. My tomato plants were over six feet tall (found out later I should trim them) and although they were planted about 3 feet apart, they were so big, they basically turned into one huge bush! I have tomatoes running out my ears! I've been freezing tomatoes and canning salsa trying to keep up. I'd love to compare my recipe with yours. Thanks, Gwen!

Pam Cherrix

I would love the recipe please. Thanks you.

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