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Technical Difficulties

It's been an eventful last 2 weeks here!


My Laptop fell and now my screen is not always working, my desktop added a new Microsoft update and froze. I hope to have a friend diagnosing it later today and hopefully fixing the problem! sigh

My eye is healing and the good thing is that if you didn't know what happened 2 weeks ago when I fell on my head, you wouldn't notice the tiny blackness still on my eye lid! lol

Blessings abound, nothing is broken I am healthy and our June Host special is about to end.

Many have taken advantage of the extra $35.00 in FREE host benefits, I hate to see you miss out!

June host

Contact me today about the special!  IT ENDS this week!

Today due to the local "critter" population our task is to cover the blackberry patch with netting to keep them out so we will have blackberries to pick and preserve.  Since we netted the raised beds, the deer have now started eating all my hostas- grrrrrrrrrrr

Can you believe that this is the last week of June ALREADY?  I have been so busy out in the garden (my refuge in the spring and summer) I honestly have not made time to create projects.  This week they call for rain, that means I will be inside and I will be working with the new crate framelit creating little fun cute crates and who knows what else ! lol-

I hope your June is going well, after all that has transpired the last 2+ weeks, I am really looking forward to July!





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