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Accidents Happen!

And there I was working hard in the yard and garden on Friday,  searching for a 8ft piece of iron I needed to use to tie up my tomato plants when I slipped on a rock (slope in backyard) and fell hitting not only my knees,  but my head. UGH! Now I cannot say I have fallen but not hit my head- I have fallen off many things but this was a first for me. lol  and I hope it's the last time !

The rock is now incinerated on the RR track  bwahahahahahah

So this is what it looked like Saturday- swollen and sore. when I woke up it was swollen shut from the top down

Saturday eye


Monday eye -  not as swollen but VERY colorful!!!  I just told everyone I put makeup on just one eye today  hahahah and a really dear friend now calls me Mad Eye Mangelson-   what a hoot

Saturday eye

 And everything I touched today fell, fell apart, broke etc-  hopefully the rest of the week will be better!

the blessings are:  nothing broken, no hospital visit and as far as I know - no permanent damage

Life is good!  Now, to get the washer fixed so I can stop visiting the laundromat lolol  when it rains it pours!

But, I am learning as I am getting older that my balance just isn't what it was 10 years ago and THAT drives me crazy!!!




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Beverley Kitchen

hope your eye is o.k. with no permanent damage....hugs bev

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