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Calgon, Take Me Away!

Hello Friends!

For all my friends who have retired husbands, I want to say you have my sympathy, I feel your pain and frustration.

For those of you who enjoy it-  kudos!  You are my inspiration!

Between getting the Genealogy Seminar under control, suddenly hot weather outside - right now outside we have 58 degrees and 99% humidity and it's NOT raining-  it's to be about 78 today  so I am "helping" him in the garage and then going to work in the gardens cleaning up the nasty leaves and dead plants- sigh.  We have had practically no winter here - daffodils are blooming crocus is up. Saturday we burned leaves and I mowed the yard to get rid of leaves and make it "clean".

I have spent 2 different days this week on the couch-  I am not sure what is wrong but I told Kay I feel as though someone stuck a needle in my arm and drew out all my energy. I guess I needed a couple of pajama and movie days to get my get up and go back -

I just wanted to check in, with a man at home working his own business I find MY time to post and create is at a minimum right now.

mostly I am just frustrated

Rant over

hope you are having a great creative week

hugs to all



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