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Do You HATE The New Silhouette Software Upgrade?

 Hello Silhouette users,

I do not have the version 3 so when the new upgrade came out I loaded it not knowing what it offered. Can I frankly say I hate it? I was no longer able to sort my purchased files into the files I created in MY library. In the new upgrade the files are now all in the "cloud" and I had to look at over 2000 files to find the one I wanted instead of going to the folder I knew it was in to choose it. PLUS, if my storage went over a certain amount I was forced to pay for the extra storage- SAY WHAT? When I can store them for free on my own computer in my own files?   NOPE NOPE NOPE!

Anyhow if you are struggling with this same issue and you do NOT have the new Silhouette 3, there is a way to fix that!
But, in this link they do NOT tell you WHICH one to re-load- you want the 3.6 version,  anything newer has the cloud issue. And the 2 newer ones at the top are NOT the ones you want.
Remember, you can do this only if you DON'T have a Silhouette CAMEO 3 which requires V3.8+ to operate.
Here's a tutorial on finding and installing previous versions of Studio.

This is what my Cameo looks like, and I love it

Image result for older version of silhouette cameo photo
Downgrade Instructions
If desired, you may opt to downgrade to the previous version. The previous version of the software also appears on our software download page at
You can scroll down to find the previous version also available for download. If you have updated and now wish to revert to an earlier version, you can uninstall the current update and then reinstall from the link to the older version as follows:
Go to the Start menu Open the Control Panel Select the Programs option Locate and select "Silhouette Studio" Click on the Remove or Uninstall option Once successfully removed, re-start the computer Install the…/silhouet…/legacy-software
REMEMBER its the 3.6 version you are after!! Good luck it!! It worked like a charm for me and be sure after uninstalling your current program, you RESTART your computer before clicking the above link and installing the older version!







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