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Why Do Quilts Cost So Much?

I am a quilter. I started when I was 16. That was back in oh, about 1977 ish-   I Really began quilting in 1981 and I had a quilt shop at my home in a specially built building and traveled to shows as a vendor and taught and took classes.

My point is this-  for years I have had people ask me to make them a quilt and I learned early on to say no.  This chart is a MINIMAL example of the cost of making just 1 quilt.  People do not realize nor do they want to pay, they want it for under 200.00, when the fabric alone costs more than that to purchase! 

The machine quilting cost alone on this chart is LOW -  Remember this is for a THROW Quilt-  in other words a small quilt that would cover your lap on the couch or in a wheelchair-

Cost of quiltI share this to bring awareness to WHY quilters either do not sell their quilts, or they charge what people think is a fortune for them.

We don't work for free- or we shouldn't be expected to-,  it takes HOURS to create even the easiest quilts and the cost of supplies these days is horrific.

Please share this with others so people begin to get a clue what is involved in the making of a SMALL Couch THROW size quilt.




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