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He lives for another day

So last Thursday night my wonderful creative husband is cutting "rounds" for gnome steps on his table saw and he catches his right thumb and barked the knuckle on his right pointer finger in the blade.


We head to the ER as with all the blood we couldn't tell how deep the cut is.... and blessed as he is by a loving Father in Heaven, no stitches! But the cut is bad and sore and icky and they put him on Keflex antibiotic for 5 days and gave him a tetanus shot. And he is still really sore commenting frequently how he never knew how much his thumb is used!

We feel truly blessed he didnt lose any fingers or a hand. 

And so my life continues............................  I hope your end of June goes out without any bang or accident!

And the good news is......... Katie was offered a job by the manager of PFI western store Saturday without even asking for one! She will be moving into her home on the 3rd but will only be 35 minutes away so we will get to see her more often than having her in Oregon! lol




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