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It's amazing here-  it's like 65 degrees and the snow is not hardly melting- and I admit it, I am READY for it to be gone now. lol

Here is what I did today,  I trudged out to the greenhouse - through the snow and mud (click on photo for full size) Greenhouse march2014 001I used some metal racks that were just standing in the garage doing nothing to make 2 shelves in the greenhouse and a potting table outside.
Greenhouse march2014 001
Greenhouse march2014 001I have 12 flats of tomatos, peppers, herbs and flowers ( I CANT live without flowers, lots and lots of flowers) they are all now watered and sealed inside. These flats/trays took 1.33 gallons of potting soil each to fill ( I used my trusty rusty gallon can as a scoop)
Greenhouse march2014 001
In a couple of weeks I will get another photo of the progress, Tomorrow we will be adding another set of shelves on the left side of the greenhouse and weather permitting, I will put in about 12 more trays of seeds.  Marigolds and a couple other flowers and more vegetables for the garden.

We are also making some plans and lists for a couple new garden projects that I am so excited about! I could live in the garden (and I used to about 12 hours a day) but its WAY to humid and hot here for that! So when it gets hot I am out in the early morning and later in the evening with sporadic attendance during the day depending on the weather.

I find it ironic today that we have perfect weather outside and the moment I begin putting out these plastic trays (saved from my past life and old greenhouses) the wind begins to blow, and when I come in for lunch it stopped so I hurried back out and the wind kicked up!  Now that I am here at the desk posting this I look out and total calm- not even a slight breeze~! lololol  just my luck.

We met with the Oncologist yesterday she came to see Ken in the hospital and she is ordering a PET Scan. After that we will be able to determine what is the best plan of action- if there is one.

I hope your day is amazing and that your snow is melting faster than ours is~! lol 






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think we are about 3 or 4 weeks behind you in weather....-4 and expecting more snow (welland, ontario canada)......hope you get lots of sunshine for your greenhouse.

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