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I CONFESS, I love PINTEREST and I find the coolest stuff on there-

I am very sad to say that this is so true here in America- people are being sued for gardening in their front yards, (even when its beautiful) and also against the law to use a rainbarrel to gather the water God sends us to use in our own yards- so many cases of this on the internet, and in the newspapers-

so very very sad

Growing food

I am a gardener, I LOVE to garden it is stress relief for me (most of the time lol)  I love knowing how and where my food is grown. But, I HATE the bugs and weeds!

I will be outside in the garden again all day today we are to have 80 degree weather. Hope that takes the remnants of the snow in the shadows today and dries up the soil before rain tomorrow! lol   I have flats to get planted and in the greenhouse today, we finally got the other set of shelving up on the south side.  I also hauled 9 wheelbarrow loads of gravel for the floor and 2 for outside to cover some mud. I plan to do a few more today to cover more mud in the path but not all of it or I wont be able to move! lol  Where are those sons of mine anyhow? lol.

Kay and I are working on hoop houses for 2 of our raised beds. I will post photos of that as we go. Right now it just needs to DRY out there! lol

oh and I have several plants purchased from Sams and Walmart (hostas, caladium, bleeding heart, columbine etc to get planted today!

GREAT NEWS! My Daughter Katie will be coming home for spring break! That will make her Gramma (my mom) VERY VERY happy and it will me too! She is talking about transferring to MO State here locally to get her bachelors (she graduates with her associates in 2 areas in June)

I am hoping her old Ag Teacher can convince her to stay.  I talked to him yesterday about it.  I have nothing but respect for Chad Bybee and how he and Mr Shriver have helped my daughter while she was in school and the guidance they still give her when she is home for a visit.  Education and Agriculture is what they promote and I really really appreciate them both!

have a great day everyone!




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