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Wednesday Update:

Mom did NOT have a TIA, there are MANY types of stroke and she had a stroke. On the MRI, they DID find a tiny bit of bleeding in her brain.

The doctor told me again this afternoon that she has plaque in her arteries in her brain (way to much) and it broke loose and caused her stroke in the frontal right area of her brain. She is now on Lipitor for it- she still has trouble with the left side of her face, 3 days later, her left side she cannot use very well and her speech is still like she has a tongue 4 inches thick.

She can only have pureed foods because she is having a hard time swallowing. She may or may not regain what she had before. She is back at the nursing home with my step dad and therapy begins this week at the nursing home and they will do all they can to help her. They love my mom and take really good care of her.  I feel blessed to have them as extended family.

Monday we have Ken's cancer appointments, its a weekly thing now for him. My weight loss program went out the window the day mom went into the hospital, but I am going to have to take care of me and my health too in the middle of all of this and get back to the gym and eating better.

Today we spend with Katie- going to a movie and dinner. She leaves tomorrow to go back to college, and the GOOD news is she has applied at MSU for the fall so she will be coming back home this summer! Woo hooo!  She will finish her Ag Education degree and become an Ag teacher.  She hopes to do her student teaching here at LRHS under her old advisor/teacher and maybe get a job here too!

Frankly I can't wait for this week to be over so I can collapse! lol 

I hope you are well and having a very creative week full of love and inspiration. I would love to share your projects here in a post just email me JPEG photos and details and I will feature you!






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sorry to hear about your mom and i hope she improves over the next months and that Kens appointment goes well.....good thoughts and prayers for both of them. hugs bev

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