Cold Go Away & Pounds Drop
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I had to share this funny video about the Let it Go song from Frozen and some pics of our weather this morning-   I am sick in bed this weekend I don't know for sure what it is but it's some kind of sinus junk- hope you are well and warm and have a wonderful day.   Tomorrow (Monday) Is appointment day with my step dad and then again in Thursday.

Now, have fun with this video! I laughed all the way through it!


Blizzard Conditions at our house today-  my poor greenhouse............

Snowstorm march 16 2014 002

Snowstorm march 16 2014 001you can see that the 2 heatlamps are still on at 1145 am and its 41 degrees in there- so that shows how cold it is outside!

have a fabulous day!


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....strep throat going around here, stuffed up and ear aches...
trying to drink fluids to stay hydrated ...hope you are feeling better soon....

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