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It's Just a LIGHT Case

Yes that is right, I have a "light" case of pneumonia.  I am finally starting to feel better.

Earlier this week I was at the Dr office blah blah blah   came home with a steroid and an antibiotic.   I have spent the most of the last week on the couch or in bed.  Today I am up and around feeling better but still have a cough and sneezing. But, much better!

And just in time too, Katie is on her way home for spring break. I am so excited to spend a week with her I can hardly stand it!

I hope you will forgive my lack of projects, sharing and posts but I have just not been well enough to do much of anything but be a veggie! lo I did go out and check in the greenhouse, we have growth! I am jazzed about that!  I will get some photos next week and post them.  I will also post some photos of Katie and I and my mom.  We want to get a 3 generation photo while she is here.

Hope your first days of spring are going good- we have nice warm temps but Saturday we are back to the cold again for another week, My bulbs are barely 3 inches tall and the daffodils are thinking they need to bloom they are so confused! Usually by now they are all done.

Hugs to you all thanks for stopping by



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