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A Beautiful Southern Wedding!

We had a lovely time in Mississippi this weekend for the wedding of my Great Nephew Allen to Rachael, who we adore! The ceremony was held under a beautiful old tree with spanish moss hanging down next to the Mandeville Lakefront on lake Ponchetrain.


1560630_10152231819371798_759392292_nAllen and my daughter Katie are 2 months apart in age- the funny thing is that my niece and nephew(and his wife) the 3 of us were all expecting babies at the same time.  You see I am 6 yrs older than my niece Michelle and 8 years older than my nephew (Allen's dad).  Allen is the oldest of the 3 kids- then comes Breanna (Michelle's daughter) and my Katie. They all turn 22 within weeks of each other. Allen in January, Bre in February and Katie on March 2nd.

Here are a few fun family photos- This is my niece Michelle she is Allen's Aunt and her daughter my great niece Alyssa. I am only 6 years older than Michelle.1908260_10152170722862570_1856296807_n

  1904043_10152170745987570_55829113_nMichelle, Corey , Seth and Alyssa with Kay and I-

1904043_10152170745987570_55829113_nyup,  thats me and my sweetheart smooching!

Michelle and I are doomed to never have quality time together. I hope they get moved to Utah soon so that I can go stay with them as I visit our kids and grandkids out that way!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! I am home from 67 degree weather to 20 degree weather and have caught a cold-  bleck-


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