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The Shredding of The Zucchini

Some of you have emailed to ask me how I save my zucchini-

Well, we cannot and I mean CANNOT "can" zucchini/squash all by itself because of it's low acid content and ability to spoil after canning and cause botchalism.

But, we can freeze it and if you dry it, you still HAVE to freeze it I found out. So, I just freeze it!
Canning garden 042

I cut the zucs to fit in my Bosch (my mom bought it for me in the early 1980's)
Canning garden 042
Canning garden 042

I shred it up- sometimes I chunk it up but mostly I shred it.
Canning garden 042
Canning garden 042

Then we bagged it in freezer bags- 6 cups to a bag.  enough for a cake AND a soup or stew or a casserole this winter!Canning garden 042
Many of you have also asked about HOW we can. We put the camp stove up outside and use it for the canners. I have a smooth top stove and you CANNOT can on those because it will crack them. AND you won't get enough heat in your pan because the burner itself isnt big enough to fit the bottom of the pan and will heat the stovetop instead of the pan. I was told this by a Sears repair man when he taught me how to properly clean my stove top.

Canning garden 047
Works like a charm~!  I hope this picture tutorial helps answer your questions and thanks for asking me!!!!

After my trip (will spill the beans soon)  I will be working on apple pie and maybe peach pie filling and home made soups canned up for quick meals this winter!

I am an ANT.  I am not a grasshopper,  have you noticed?



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