The Shredding of The Zucchini

Garden Photos

Sharing some of my recent photos from my garden- not overly happy with the growing this year. I have been gardening 32 years and NEVER had as much trouble as I do here in Missouri with growing things!   Individually these look amazing but.... the plants are not doing well and my tomatoes didnt "do" at all!

Garden July 19 2013 023
Garden July 19 2013 023
Garden July 19 2013 023
Garden July 19 2013 023Cayene peppers that we do NOT eat, they were mismarked I found out - someone must have  changed the tags at the store-   These and the jalapenos are free, all you have to do is call first to be sure we are home to show you where they are and they are all yours-  wear gloves to pick them tho or you will have problems!

Garden July 19 2013 023hahaha  water spots from changing the sprinkler on the camera lense lolol sorry! doesn't look so bad from a distance! lol  photo taken faceing south east. hard to believe this area once was only trees and brush when we moved here!

Canning garden 020I love my ornamental sunflowers! the colors are just stunning

Canning garden 026
that is a BLUE pumpkin shaped like a Cinderella pumpkin the seeds were from my neighbor she saved them for me from a pumpkin she bought last year-

My biggest passion is gardening and it pains me greatly to have such low production or poor plants even after soil amending....  so anyhew.....  I am blessed to have the beauty that I do and after 7 years am still learning about this climate and soil.

If you have a garden of any type or size I pray you are getting a LOT of produce from it and that you are enjoying the gardening experience.

Canning garden 035


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