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This is my Middle child....

Morgan the mightly bow-hunter,  he will hang the meat for a while to cure and then cut and freeze it to feed his family. I am pretty sure the antlers will hang in his man cave too!

Morgan Elk 2013
Don't you just love his leprachaun red beard?  The hair on his head is just as red!  (and like mom, he has green eyes and good strong Irish blood!) Or maybe will will tease him about being redbeard the pirate- after all  Halloween is coming soon!  lolol

This is a 6x5 elk- that means 6 points on one side and 5 on the other side.  A trophy elk for sure!  I am so proud of Morgan and his abilities and that he uses the meat to feed his family. I personally prefer elk meat to beef, it's a lot leaner red meat. I haven't heard what it weighed but I am sure he will let me know at some point!

Way to go Mo! I love ya!



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