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Several of you are asking me how the Vemma works with Diabetes

well here is one persons testimonial of his experience with it and a video of others and their testimonials


“20 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I have been insulin dependent for over 10 years.  Before taking Vemma and Verve, I was taking 80 units of insulin ‘R’ throughout the course of the day and 60 units of insulin ‘N’ at night.  Even with these insulin dosages, my blood sugar was routinely over 200, and sometimes as high as 300.  Six months ago I began taking 2oz. [one serving] of Vemma at night and one can of Verve in the morning [sugar free I'd imagine].  I have changed NOTHING ELSE in my life… nothing else with respect to either my diet or exercise; no routine in my life has changed, except for the Vemma.  Now my blood sugar is at an ideal level of 60-90 and my insulin dosage is down to 20 units of insulin ‘N’ at night, with no insulin ‘R’ during the day.  My primary care physician is totally on board with my Vemma and Verve regiment.  In fact, he makes sure that I log my Vemma and Verve intake in my daily food and blood sugar log.  My doctor has become a true believer in Vemma and Verve and so have I; they have changed my life.  And at 62 years of age I have never felt better.  Next month I will be totally insulin free for the first time in 10 years, thanks to Vemma and Verve.”

-Ed Loss

Prominent trial lawyer in Arizona

Warning about this video-  one boy is in there with the same story 3 times-  someone didnt edit it very well but please watch the entire thing just skip the same kid when he shows up after the first time! lol







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