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Roflol! I guess I am


Yes, we have had some severe flooding and it's raining again this morning!

Here are some photos from our back yard and in our subdivision- fortunately only one of the homes have water in the basements. We are all on a hill of sorts.  Click on each photo to see it full size-

From our front porch

August 4th 2013 032Our driveway
August 4th 2013 032

Hail started out the size on the left at 1 inch and then got bigger! That is Kay's hand in the photo to show a size comparison - I videoed him running out with an umbrella to get it! lol Hail
it was raining and lightening and thundering SO hard we waited an hour and then went out to take photos-  this is from the back deck down into our back yard
August 4th 2013 032
August 4th 2013 032
August 4th 2013 032
August 4th 2013 032This is the road that goes right by our house- 60 feet from our mail box its at least 16 inches under water
August 4th 2013 032
August 4th 2013 032and running through our back yard and into and through the common area of the subdivision that is listed for "sale" saying you can put a mobile home or a duplex or a home or commercial business in it-  ya if you want to flood out each time-  there is NO place for a sewer in a flood plain- aren't people smart enough to figure that out? I guess not, or to lazy to do the research maybe? Or maybe they "want" a lawsuit for misrepresentation?
August 4th 2013 032This is the road that you drive on to GET to my house it too was under at least 12 inches of water the area to the right of this road is about 4 feet deep
August 4th 2013 032This is the area with the FOR SALE sign that JP ROY and listed by Shelia Bates of Southwest Housing  1938 S. Stewart, Springfield, MO  with Jesse Hitt as the broker. are trying to sell saying it NEVER floods and that people can build a home or a duplex there-  NOT!

August 4th 2013 032

This is a photo of just a few min ago- this realty sign was underwater yesterday and you have seen some of the photos to prove it!  They are fraudantly advertising this property as buildable and it doesnt flood- and people need to know it!
  there is still 4+ inches of water under the sign


This is another area in our "common area" - and as you can see, it's all under water when we have flooding!
August 4th 2013 032

To the right of this upper photo is the neighbors sheds- here is the water level to those August 4th 2013 094

This last photo is of WHITE OAK ROAD it was 16" under water
August 4th 2013 078
Today the water level is down but we are still getting rain- normal rain not that stuff from yesterday- yay!  But, we will have flooding and more rain as the day and week progresses- I sure hope its not like this for card club tomorrow! If it is I have an alternate driveway for everyone to use!!

Hope you are having an awesome day, I have my 2 mile walk to do and then I am working on my Fall Quilt and I have one specific card I want to make today! And we are fine, no flooding "in" our home. We are truly blessed!

Have an awesome and Dry day everyone!


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