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15 Pounds Gone!

I am soooo excited this morning I just HAVE to share my news...

In the last 30 days, I have lost 15 pounds and most of it from around my waist!

I was on the last hole of my belt and now I am next to the first hole on my belt so that is 3" gone from my waist alone! Yahooo!!

Belt holes
I am 5'10 inches tall and when I went in for my blood test for my hormone levels (see that post HERE) the doctor ordered me to lose at least 30 pounds. I started at 215 and as of today am at 200!  MY goal is 180.   Because of my insulin levels, my high cholesterol and my high blood pressure, I HAVE to get this weight off so I can be healthy and not on any medications! 

People talk about "how expensive" it is to eat healthy- well let me tell you something, it's MORE expensive for prescriptions, doctor or hospital visits than it is for eating Bod-e products, white meats, fruits and vegetables!

How am I doing this?  I am using the Bod-e protein shakes by Chris Powell/ Vemma and in the mid afternoon I drink 1 Bod-e Burn for my snack.  I eat red meat on Sunday only and only for 1 meal because red meat is all my mom and stepdad will eat.  I have found that I bloat pretty bad when I eat redmeats and because it literally takes 3 days for red meats to process through my system I have cut it from my eating plan the other days of the week.

Here is a link to the Bod-e shake ingredients and information

I am eating chicken and turkey, vegetables and fruits.  NO BREADS, NO NOODLES and NO processed foods! I have also cut out SWEETS-  cookies, cake, candybars etc- and I am watching my portion size as Chris and Heidi advise on the FREE app that I use.

If I want to be healthy and feel good about myself when I look in the mirror, live long enough to spend time with my grandkids and avoid diabetes plus other health problems like stroke and heart attack this is what I HAVE to do to achieve that. 

I am also walking 2-4 miles per week using the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Dvd's because it is so hot outside.  I am just starting her tummy fat burning 2 mile program, so I hope it will help even more with the loss anf firm up my mother's gut!! I try to get it in at LEAST once a week and then her 1 mile walk 2 or 3 other times in the week. (takes 15 minutes for the 1 mile walk)

I hope you will consider your HEALTH first - it is easy for us all to take it for granted and then its to late!

Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!!!



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