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Storm Season and the Garden

This seasons storms are very hard on me since the pressure issue in January with the airplane flight. Everytime we have a storm coming in, I am getting a migraine and today was the worst so far. It's completely debilitating me lately and making me very angry that I have lost a day of creativity! lol  I hope you are doing well- the good news is that I will live after all!

Since my set aside creative day was spent in bed, I will share some garden photos with you -  its coming along but I see tracks from deer, snake holes and lots of places where the squirrels are digging- grrrrrrr  one day I will have a 10 ft deer fence! for now I have hooked up my scarecrow sensor sprinkler - it really does work well!

The first 2 photos are from my porch this evening- love my 4th of July Americana decorations!

The Empty metal tubs are a planter in the works- this should keep my dog from digging back there don't you think? Remember, you can click on the photos to see them full size- the area "behind" the herb garden is all planted to JUST FLOWERS and they are coming up from seed! woop woop

May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014

the hosta island in my yard (my mowed weeds- worst grass crop I have ever had due to the oak trees)  The purple clematis on my arch is goreous and my herb garden and planter boxes are drowned from all the rain- some plants are even waterlogged/droopy  *insert sad face*
May 28 2013Garden 014 May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014
May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014

May 28 2013Garden 014  This concrete block box has corn and gourds planted in it- the gourds will crawl up the corn plants and help keep the deer and squirrels away because they dont like the spiney gourd plants-  
This is a path between the garden on the left and the trees on the right, its a project that never stops but I love it!  our plan next year is pea gravel on the paths and between the beds we are tired of replacing bark every 2 years! lol

May 28 2013Garden 014 May 28 2013Garden 014May 28 2013Garden 014
  The sedum in the wheel barrow are not looking happy its full of ANTS- dratted things we are having so much trouble with them-  I have to take it all out later this week and put in new soil and plants- sigh.  I NEVER had this much bug and critter trouble in my past gardening life !!!
May 28 2013Garden 014
May 28 2013Garden 014
at THIS link you can see what the walk out patio looked like a month ago and notice the difference, we are still working on the corner with block replacement but by fall it should be done! lolol 
May 28 2013Garden 014
May 28 2013Garden 014 here is my honey mowing tonight- I just love that man!

Hope your yard and garden are coming along better than mine, I am waiting for no rain so I can put out bug granules-  ugh it just never ends! lol

love my yard and garden just want to stop creating new projects, finish up what we have going and do some maintenance for a year before we start another new project out here! lol 

thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me!


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