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June 2013

Are big and Bright.... Deep in the heart of my stamping room (ok so it's not quite right but it was sure fun!) I made this tonight and I am so in love with this... Read more →

This seasons storms are very hard on me since the pressure issue in January with the airplane flight. Everytime we have a storm coming in, I am getting a migraine and today was the worst... Read more →

What a week this has turned out to be! I was invited and accepted into the National Professional Business Women's Association, asked to be on an advisory board for a local radio station, signed up... Read more →

You won't want to miss this!

Don't miss the second episode of Extreme Weight Loss! Airing Tuesday night on ABC, the episode follows the year-long transformation of Meredith Prince, who starts off at 314 pounds. Watch as Bod•ē Spokespeople Chris and... Read more →