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Ok since yesterdays post I have made all the progress I plan to for now-  Here is a before and an after of my troubled corner.  Granted it still "seems" unorganized but all the stuff is now in containers and on the shelf not each other and the floor lol.  I like the clear containers because at a glance I can see what is in them-  I do not like "labels" and still have to open the container to see what it is.

I don't have any windows as this basement room is a south and east facing wall underground. The entire south side of my basement is like that my scrapbooking room has no windows either.  My point is, I don't have sunlight to discolor anything in these clear boxes so it's a win win for me!  I changed the direction of my sewing machine table and added a lamp that has been in the box since moving here to my sewing table and I sat down and mended a pillow before I pooped out! lol

the corner before

Sewing june 22 2013 001the corner after
Sewing june 22 2013 001

If you follow my blog, you know that I don't have fancy shelving and counters, I don't have a full carpet on my floor yet, and I am NEVER pristine in keeping my projects put away or organized but I AM HAPPY. I learned growing up to be happy with what I have and to MAKE DO with it too!  I have also learned if it's TOO organized I can't seem to think! But, on the other hand when it's as messy as it was I couldn't think either!

You will see in this first photo that I moved the cutting table from the left of the room to the right. (see yesterdays post) I had to take all my huge green rubbermaid tubs (1 for each kid and 3 for me for scrapbooking each persons life) out of the room and I put them in Katie's old bedroom for now.  That opened up the corner for the lamp and the table.  The table doesn't have all that stuff on it anymore either! lol   Just 3 projects I want to do FIRST.

Sewing june 22 2013 003Here is one of my peg boards on the left side of the room- with room to spare, yee haw~lol
Sewing june 22 2013 003

This is the peg board that is now behind the cutting table on the right side of the room- it WAS full of stencils for wood projects but they are now in a box stored away as I am not using them but I won't get rid of them just in case! lol 
Sewing june 22 2013 003

In this last photo you can see that I turned my sewing table/machine a different direction. From this angle yesterday, it would have been facing the wall with the back of the chair facing the camera.  I think the lighting will be better this way too, we will see as I get started sewing!

Sewing june 22 2013 003
I am looking forward to many happy hours of creativity and as I create, I will share!   I am exhausted now and taking a break before making my Vemma calls and then it will be time to garden a bit- at least water.    Now, to contemplate organizing my stamp room and how to re-arrange it so it works better. sigh- it just never ends does it! lol  Oh and I almost forgot,  where am I going to put my TV? lolol good thing it's only an 18" flatscreen! lol  I am sure that it will fit on one of those clear boxes on the other side of the room..................

Thanks for stopping in  I always appreciate your kind, sweet comments! You guys are the best!



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