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Fixing a Disaster

It's always amazing to me how easily a workroom can get "piled" up- desolated by being in a hurry- just open the door and throw it in- Hurricane Gwen does a pretty good job!

I have been sorting and cleaning my sewing room so that I can get back to my sewing! I will be buying a self threading babyloc serger from my friend Annette soon and I want to create a space for it to sit.  I used to have a Bernina serger and it was literally worn out when I married Kay 10 years ago, so when we moved here I donated it and I haven't had one since.  I didn't really realize how MUCH I used it until I didn't have one anymore! lol  I am really excited to get back in my sewing room more regularly and create some fun projects and quilts again.

Not many people will share the "mess"and I don't do it for sympathy or any other reason than to say- HEY I AM HUMAN and I let my work rooms get messy too-

but it's time for a bit of purging and organizing-

Here are my before photos-

June 18 2013 007
June 18 2013 001

June 18 2013 001This corner is better but I am will be going through each shelf organizing it better and purging some more stuff I havent used since moving here-  7 years is long enough not to use it before you throw it away right?
June 18 2013 001My step dad made me this really cool thread holder about 15 years ago,  I love it!  I may be painting the outside of it this summer tho, it does close and clasp shut, the one he made my mom has casters on the bottom of it.
June 18 2013 001This is my 30 year old Bernina- it was the last model before the computerized machines came out and if I had a dollar for each mile it as sewn in the last 30 years I would be rich!  I have a Pfaff Creative that my mom gave me becuase with her alzheimers she can't sew anymore but I always prefer to use this sweet machine above all else.  We have quite the history together!

June 18 2013 005The Halloween panel is now on the clean table top along with it's coordinating fabrics waiting to be sewn into a throw quilt for the couch

June 18 2013 005
June 18 2013 005
While looking at these photos I realize that there is something ELSE I can do with the work table - so stay tuned I am going to be down there today finishing this up!

I hope you are inspired to do a bit of organizing of your own. Sometimes life just gets SO busy all we can do is open the door and throw it in and come back later! lol  Now that I am working at home again full time, I am going to try after 51 years to re-train myself NOT to just pile and run! roflol  "wish me luck" I am going to need it!

Have a fabulous day and I look forward to chatting with you again soon!




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