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Bio Identical Hormones and Me

Many of you have heard me post about bioidentical hormones and how awesome they are- well, they are.

But...  before we left for our trip I had a new blood test done by a different source- Dermahealth in Springfield.  I heard their radio ad about doing a "19 point test" on hormones and a blurb about the bioidenticals they use.  So I thought- self...  the last doctor 4 years ago did a 5 point test and has never retested you and you know you are having problems. Why not?  So I called and had the blood drawn the day before we left. (It takes 2 weeks to get the results back and we were gone for 3 and so it was 4 weeks before I got into the office for my review with the Dr.)
I am sharing some pretty personal info here because I want you to have your hormones tested by the RIGHT doctor!  Estrogen is necessary for bones and heart function.  I have a 12 page report on all this stuff-  if you are like me and you have had a hysterectomy and you think you don't have to have hormones you are crazy and putting your health/bones/heart at risk!  I just wish I had found this doctor 4 years ago!

Wednesday this week I went in for my results.  And out of all the tests I only "passed" 2. For Each hormone label name, click on it to see what it does for a woman's body and WHY it's important!  If like me you don't have your ovaries anymore where our hormones are produced- then your levels are most likely bad too and you really should be tested! EVERY WOMAN SHOULD BE TESTED for her hormone levels several times during her life but medical doctors aren't taught this!~!! they are taught in med school to push pills- grrrr

A Synopsis of my results are as follows:

low thyroid (not out of the normal range but still low- enough that I will take some each day for a few weeks) Plus numerous "symptoms"  like thinning hair, excessive weight gain when eating correctly, cold feet and other things I have going on were signs to the Dr that my thyroid is off.

MY HGH/ Human Growth Hormone- should be 160-200  mine is 128

Estrogen:  should be 75-100  mine is 21

Progesterone: should be above 10  mine is .9  (yes, point 9)

DHEA was fine

Melatonin was low I will take some before bed each night

Testosterone was just ok but will be given some of that too

Cholesterol is  at 211  should be under 200

Cardio CRP- is to high at 3.8

CMP  (comprehensive metabolic panel)  glucose is to high  my a1c is at the upper limits of normal-  (sigh)

Vitamin D  should be 75-100 and mine is 34

Vitamin B12  I passed with flying colors! (no wonder mosquitos hate me! lol)

No problem with adrenals!

So basically he is changing my estradial to a bioidentical pill- no more cream, I have to take Vitamin D3 everyday, red yeast rice to get my cholesterol down (oh I have high BP too)  CoQ10 and a testosterone vanishing cream at night.

Also because of my problems and my insulin levels, I have to walk 30 min- 3 times a week minmum ( I am 40 lbs overweight right now)  and I have to stop doing "diets" and I am now reading and will begin implementing the Zone Diet by Barry Sears Phd.   Kay will be changing his eating along with me as I just can't do this all alone!!  As the changes are made I will post about how I feel as well as the changes. It will take a year as we slowly bring my levels up to where they should be and I know there will be some physical stuff to go with it-  I just pray the hot flashes and goat hair on my chin go away soon! lolol oh and I pray that I dont get ACNE again- I HATE that part of hormonal changes! lol oh,and 6 weeks after I start the new program he will RETEST my hormone levels and keep track of them!!!  NO and I say NO other doctor has done that before!

I am taking my health and my body back! I sure hope that you will too! Who would have known that the prescribed  creams I have been using weren't working unless I had this huge panel done! and I know for a fact that premarin does horrific things to my body-  nasty horrible gain 30 lbs, a witchy attitude and other things. That is why after the first year after my surgery I stopped using it and went to the biodentical route after having to find a doctor that would prescribe them and even listen to me about them!

I share this hoping it will help anyone reading this to get your health/life back!

Feel free to share your hormone story but PLEASE do not ask me for my prescription levels, etc... What is going to work for me won't work for you, and I won't share that information! You have to get your own test done and work with a GOOD doctor!

Hugs, Gwen


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