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Garden Time

I dont have a "stamping"project to share today because yesterday we spent the day with my mom and then in the garden.  This getting older business is sure a challenge! Not enough hours in the day and not enough get up and go- Kay hurt his back lifting 80lb blocks and I am stiff and sore from the general work! lolol  oh youth is wasted on the young ...... ;o)

We got a lot of leaves burned and he tilled 2 - 5x20ft beds, I added the composted cow manure and planted one bed in zucchini and the other in bush beans.  It rained last night (yay) and later today I will get out and work a bit more but I have a days worth of calls I have to make and projects I need to work on and I have next weeks  Card Club projects rolling around in my head so I will HAVE to make time this week to create them of course!  I think I either need a clone or some minions like on despicable me.  tee hee

This is the beautiful vibrant red climbing rose on the arbor entering my garden. It was just planted last year so its still getting used to it's place and filling out but the color is extraordinary and so vibrant! I love it

May 28 2013Garden 004

Here's a few yard and garden photos from this morning-  I will post more as it starts to look better and grow! You can click on any photo to see it full size and remember, it looks better in person than in the photos. You can see that I chose Red and pink with a splash of white as my planter colors this year. I am really liking it!

May 28 2013Garden 004May 28 2013Garden 004May 28 2013Garden 004May 28 2013Garden 004

May 28 2013Garden 004May 28 2013Garden 004

a truck full of bagged composted cow manure still to unload! lol

This last project is outside our downstairs walk out patio and the one that takes the 18- 80 blocks. Our corner blew out this winter thanks to the amount of rain we have gotten in the last 5 years and we are having to replace the existing block with heavier and bigger block. Poor Kay, his back is really hurting him, but it will be gorgeus when we are done. This is the first year I have added bark and I am glad I did - wow what a difference! It will not only help with the moisture retention, weed control and asthetic beauty but its just pretty to see out there and really makes the hostas and columbine pop~ I want to find a gorgeous Japanese Maple for the corner but haven't found one I want yet.  I will also be adding some coral bells. May 28 2013Garden 020

I can't express my gratitude for my husband, he is just the best and it is so much fun to work together on our projects, I just wish I had the strength I had 22 years ago!

Have an awesome day my friends, I appreciate each of you stopping by to see what mischief I am into today!



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