A Long Trip!
There's No Place Like Home!

Hello from the Glenwood Valley!

My wonderfull hubby got us a room at Gold Beach, Oregon for thursday night and I woke up at the beach for the first time in my life on my birthday! We are having a wonderful trip so far we have traveled from home to Denver, to Provo Utah to Roseville California. From there we took hwy 101 up the coast to Florence and then east to Eugene to see Elder Pickens and my brother Ed!  Beachmom

After that we went through Portland to Glenwood to see my Son Ray and grandson Jack!

Yes, we made it last night to Glenwood, WA where I raised my kids.

I have been able to spend time with these 2 guys and celebrate our birthdays too!

  Ray facebook
Ray facebookSunday we will go to church at my old ward, see friends and visit our cemetary where my Dad who died 18 years ago today May 4th is buried, my sister Pat and brother in law Don are also buried by my dad and my great grandparents are and someday I will be buried there by my mom in the Cochran family plot.

In the afternoon we will go to Goldendale, WA to my son Morgan and DIL Sarah's for a couple days and play with grandkids Madison and Jack. Later in the week we head to see Katie and spend days with her before she goes to boot camp later this month. and then the trip will continue!

I will try to post again later this week as the cell and internet connections here in the mountains stinks and is terribly intermittent!  We are doing a great Vemma business along the way.. We are having a blast and are truly blessed.  I have seen photos and been told they are getting snow and ice back at home yet the weather here is warm and beautiful!!

have a great week everyone!  talk to you soon!


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sounds like a wonderful trip....
wish i could take one but with you in spirit. glad you are having great weather. safe trip.

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