My EARLY Birthday Present to myself!~
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Thank you for your Prayers!

My dear friends,

Our lives were turned upside down with the notice of Kay's layoff.

Thanks to the prayers of so many, our lives have turned out better than expected!! Not only did he get an offer but it's in the same building for another company on a different floor! We won't have to move which made my mom VERY happy and less stressed (she has alzheimers and EVERYTHING stresses her)

And..... this Friday is my LAST day at the insurance verification job I took a year ago to help us get ahead.

But wait... there is More great news!  Kay has worked our online Vemma business so well, that I will be taking it over and continuing to grow it at twice the pay I was making!  No one EVER can tell me that God doesn't hear our prayers or answer them!

 I will be on Vacation for a couple weeks so posts will be every few days.

Thanks Again for your prayers and well wishes you are all such wonderful friends!





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Great news....congratulations. hope both jobs work out well.......

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