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I am so excited to share the news about................

Insanely Healthy Energy Drinks and Liquid nutrition!!!!!!!!

Dr Oz drinks Vemma and our Verve Energy drinks daily! He features them on his show!  You can see it on you tube!


Insanely healthy energy…*

If you crave a healthy energy alternative that refuels and revives your body quickly without a jittery feeling or energy crash, then you’re going to love Verve!* With a convenient and fast-acting boost of energy, Verve has a delicious tropical fruit flavor, patterned after the very popular mangosteen fruit.*

Available in a refreshing energy drink or convenient energy shot, Verve gives you…

  • A delicious, fast-acting energy blend.
  • 12 full-spectrum vitamins and 65 plant-sourced minerals.
  • An exotic mangosteen and aloe superjuice blend.

Vemma 31313 002

Read more HERE   I am so EXCITED to share this with you, because of the physical difference it has made in my husband Kay's arthritic hands (no pain after 20 years no lie!) and in taking away the muscle cramps and pain in my legs!
Vemma 31313 002The Vemma Clinical Trials were conducted by one of the industry's most widely recognized experts in Independent Clinical Testing, Brunswick Laboratories in Southborough, MA. The intention of these studies was to evaluate the efficacy and overall bioavailability of a mangosteen product containing multivitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants (Vemma) on immune function and well-being in adults. This was done by subjecting the product to the gold standard of clinical research — the independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that follows a specific set of procedures to ensure that the results are dependable and free from bias. The studies confirmed Vemma showed significant improvements in immune markers, superior antioxidant absorption and a lowering of C-reactive protein (CRP), which points to its beneficial effects on overall health and wellness.*
Vemma 31313 002
Get  Vemma FACTS here   And more HERE too!  

Purchase from our website, refer friends who order and YOU can earn your products for free the next month!

We have an INCREDIBLE ONLINE Business Opportunity for you HERE   It's all online, I don't deliver anything to anyone and all products are delivered directly to the customer PLUS all the products have a 30 day money back guarantee!

YES! .... we are selling Vemma- (veema)   to replace the income my husband will lose soon when he is layed of thanks directly to the Sequestration of Obama's making.


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