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We Have Received Bad News

Did you know that we will all be FINED thanks to Obamacare if we don't HAVE healthcare?
Did you know that BECAUSE of the government's inability to balance the budget and Sequestration, that my husband will no longer have a job after the end of March?
And now the Government will FINE "us" for taking away our healthcare by taking away his job- you tell me how that HELPS the economy or helps us or anyone else? and Yes, I am mad about it this morning and I am also very mad that we CLEARLY have people in Govt office that are incapable of doing their job- oh I forgot they ARE doing the job THEY want- not their job of fixing what they have broken or bettering our nation!

I ask for your prayers that my husband is able to find another job quickly. In the days to come I will be posting retired and other items that MUST sell, I hope you will share those posts with others so that we can make this transition a tiny bit smoother.



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Gaile Merritt Murrell

Oh Gwen, I am so sorry to hear this!
Fined??!! That is ridiculous!
I hope that things get better for you.
I will keep you & your family in my prayers.
<3 Your Fellow Stampin' Friend Up North,
Gaile x

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