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Yahoo!! This is my dream come true for Stampin Up and online workshop orders! I have been asking for this for about 7 years!!

Now, anyone can place an order from ANYWHERE in the USA on a workshop or one of my clubs using a Hostess code that I will email you, and it's shipped directly to you!  That means you can join my monthly clubs and place your minimum club order in your jammies from home and I will mail you the class projects for free and SU will ship your order directly to you!

You can now have a Stampin UP Party and all your friends in the USA can order online.... living wherever they may be and the hostess gets the freebies and all orders are shipped directly to each person who orders!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this!


Q: What is a hostess code?
A: It's a code that lets customers go online to add an online order to a Stampin' Up! workshop's group order. Now, the technical answer: A hostess code is an eight-character code that will enable an online customer order's merchandise total to contribute to the workshop merchandise total when calculating hostess benefits.

Q: Why is Stampin' Up! providing hostess codes?
A: Hostess benefits are designed to reward individuals for hosting a workshop. Hostess codes will enhance the benefits of hosting a workshop by allowing people that cannot be physically present to contribute to workshop totals for calculating hostess benefits. Additionally, since online customer orders can include Clearance Rack items and My Digital Studio print products, there is now a way to tie those purchases to workshop totals for the purposes of calculating hostess benefits!! . 

Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain Clearance Rack items?
A: Yes!

Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain digital print products and downloads?
A: Yes!

Q: How does a customer enter a hostess code?
A: The customer will enter the code in a new field under the special offers section of the online order shopping bag.

Q: Is the hostess code case sensitive?
A: No

Q: How long is a hostess code valid?
A: The hostess code is attached to the workshop order, so it is valid until the workshop order has closed. 

Q: Can a workshop order solely contain online customer orders with hostess codes?
A: The workshop order must have at least one item before it can be closed, regardless of any online customer orders attached with the hostess code.

Contact me today to schedule your party and invite ALL your friends to participate, I will email you a code specific to YOUR party and you can give it to them!





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