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How We Made a Faux Fur Ruffled Scarf

While Michelle was here, she told me about a fur scarf she saw at a Hallmark store- so........... we hit Joann's bought faux fur fabric, elastic and created our own.  This is NOT a project I will be doing again because of the expense and the mess from the fur! I will be vaccuming up fur for months! lol 

Note: I feel it's a 2 person project because of the elastic stretching that has to happen, but we had a lto of fun and made 2 great CLASSY winter scarves each. A black and a vanilla and we made amother memory too!

Tools I used: rotary cutter (better known as my whizzy whacker) Olpha ruler and cutting board, fabric scissors, fabric and elastic plus needle and thread to hand stitch the end closed after it's been ruffled.

Dec 2012 101I laid the fabric on my cutting board and squared it up using the above cutting tools
Dec 2012 101it will NEVER be even when you buy it from a fabric store- ugh
Dec 2012 101It takes 12"wide or 1/3 yard by the length of the faux fur to make one scarf
Dec 2012 101

in the next photo it shows how I cut it in 1/2 to make 2 scarves- 2/3 yard fur was what we bought- if you buy fur that has a nap you need to remember it will be smooth on one side of your scarf and rough on the other if its a directional pile - (sewing/fabric terms).  Buy the fur that when you rub your hand over it - its the same smoothness all over it. Make sense or Clear as mud?Dec 2012 101

here is our handy dandy measuring secret for how long we wanted them to be- we hung the elastic around our neck and cut it off where we wanted! Ta Dah! VERY Scientific!Dec 2012 125

 In this photo I sewed the first end with right sides together and the elastic ON THE TOP where you can see it. Doing it this way ensures it will be on the "inside" of the tube when I am done sewing down the side and turn the tube right side out.

Dec 2012 111
I stuck my hand and arm in the tube and grabbed the end and began turning it right side out while Michelle held onto the end of the elastic so we didnt lose it up in the tube.
Dec 2012 111I then laid it on my cutting surface/table and as Michelle pulled the elastic to meet the end of the fabric and held i for me while Alyssa held the sewn end tight and I pinned the elastic down the center of the tube (well I tried to get it in the center! lol)
Dec 2012 111Now that is was pinned I went back to the sewing machine and used a zig zag in color coordinating thread and sewed down the elastic so it would never move and would cause the fur to ruffle.
Dec 2012 111
Dec 2012 111Here is a finished scarf in the vanilla fur! I think we were so excited we forgot to get a photo of us wearing one! lol
Dec 2012 111
a couple close ups of sewing the elastic at the end before turning the tube

Dec 2012 107
Dec 2012 107

I am really glad we made these and it will be fun to wear in the cold weather. Not to metion how classy they look and how soft they are!   We decided not to put a hole in it to run the scarf end through. And since we have many beautiful brooches, we would just use one to pin it together or we would wear it without!

Michelle and her family went home today- Sunday the 30th of December,  What fun and what a blessing it was to have them here this year. We laughed, we cried, we cooked and baked, we ate and ate and ate and we did some crafting too.  While I was at work, Kay took them to see Fantastic Caverns and Wilson Creek Battlefield and of course to Bass Pro!  The house is now quiet and I am sick with a stupid cold that is going around so I am going back to bed or the couch and a movie! Although I pre-write this on Sunday for a Monday post, please know that I love sharing my projects with you and hope they inspire you to create too! This scarf really is NOT hard to make just messy from all the fur pieces!

In the upcoming year of 2013  watch for MORE scrapbooking and fabric projects! I am going back to making the things I love the most. I will still post 3-d and cards of course, but this year I am going to focus on my kids scrapbooks to get them done and work on grandkids pages too! I will work in traditional paper and tools as well as My Digital Studio so stay tuned for all the fun!

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