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Noel Glass Ornament

Here is a fun fast and easy flat glass ornament you can make as gifts or for your own tree

I tried different things inside the glass ball but only the white didn't detract from the word.  Unfortunately it would not photograph with a flash (to much glare) so I had to get a photo without.  I hope you can see the details enough. Remember that you can click on any of my photos and they will come up in full size.

November photos 019
How did I do that? Well......................

I rubbed our embossing buddy all over the glass first to keep the embossing powder flecks from sticking and then I used the Clear Mount stamp set "Greetings of the Season"# 128033. 

IMPORTANT TIP: I did NOT use a clear block or any kind of a block for the clear mount stamp.

I inked  the stamp with versamark and placed it carefully being sure not to move it (smears happen) and pressed firmly.  After removing it, I put the stamped image in our Gold Embossing Powder # 109129 and heat set it with our Embossing Gun.

After it was completely ool, I rubbed it on my pants lol,  to get the extra embossing buddy powder off the glass. If you do it to soon it will smear the stamped image and your ornament is toast! BE CAREFUL NOT to squeeze the glass ornament to tight it will shatter and you will have cut hands and a mess! (I did it and I DONT recommend it!)

I filled the cooled ornament with Epsom Salts and tied with our beautiful Cherry Cobbler Ribbon.  Using a FLAT surfaced glass ball is best because it is really hard to get the image around a circle shape and the reason I won't use a wood backed stamp for these kinds of projects. Not enough give to form it to the glass.

Since the metal top of the bulbs are silver, I am going to make another and emboss it with our Pewter powder and then try a green or silver ribbon.  I am thinking about using some small holiday stamps in this same format to create some new ornaments for my trees.  Fun, Fast mostly easy but definitely NOT a beginner project!

TIP: if you smear the versamark on the bulb use a baby wipe to clean it off and turn the bulb to the other side and start over. You can only do this once or twice before all your powder for some reason just sticks to the bulb even if it's dry and wiped off.

Using the Epsom Salts makes this ornament heavy, so it is more of an inside the tree ornament than a tip of the bough type.  Have fun!

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Debby McGillivray

This turned out beautiful Gwen, never thought of using the epson salt for this. Love doing the ones with ink and glitter. They all turn out so pretty.
angel hugs

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