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Noel Glass Ornament

For all the Veterans and Military

THANK YOU for your service and for protecting my family!  I believe in you all and stand behind you.

May God Bless you!  I hope you will all listen to this song by Kristy Lee Cook


My dad would have loved this song. He was in WW2  an Army Staff Sgt  one night he fell asleep in their foxhole and when he woke he was the only man left with his head still attached. Evidently the Japanese didn't see him in the hole,  PTSD wasn't a diagnosis then, and I now know he had it. When I was a youngster, we had to use a 36" ruler to poke him to wake him because he would grab you and try to strangle you without realizing what he was doing. 

May God bless all our soldiers, past present and future and hold them in his hands!

I love you and miss you daddy!

And to my daughter Katie who just signed up with the National Guard- I love you and pray for your safety.Katie Oct 26, 2012

Gwen Mangelson


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