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Part 2 Creating a Craft Fair Booth

We packed up all the supplies, the frame, tables etc in the pickup and  Kay took them to the craft fair-  an OUTSIDE craft fair in Ozark Missouri, over 500 booths at this fair. 

Every night we have to pack EVERYTHING up and put it away in airtight tubs to keep the moisture off the paper so it wont warp or get ruined. It's a pain actually because at a crop or an indoor booth we just cover it up and go home!

In the following photos you will see various stages from setting up to finished - The photos are a bit dark at 7 am in a huge tent with very little lighting and yes we used a flash too!

Craft booth Weekend 001
Craft booth Weekend 001As it started to get lighter outside -- it is easier to see the photos! lol
Craft booth Weekend 001Yes, that is an electric heater in the above photo and we had a propane one also- which was a good thing I suggested it as the gal making the barbie and doll clothes across the isle brought her antique electric heater and kept blowing the breaker with it. Shutting down our entire end of the tent - TV, computers etc every time.
Craft booth Weekend 001At night we have to cover the ENTIRE display with those plastic painters clear tarps to keep the condensation off our items, tables and shelving.  Its a pain but it has to be done so that the fabric and tables arent soppy in the morning. It's bad enough when it drips during the morning either from the condensation or from rain.
Craft booth Weekend 001Now you know what I did with the Dixie cups! I used an entire pack of the 4x6 paper from the Holiday Mini to make these for my lights! A lot of cute compliments were shared for them too!
Craft booth Weekend 001Here we are starting to put stuff on the shelves- and the tree
Craft booth Weekend 001
Craft booth Weekend 007
Craft booth Weekend 007
If I were at a scrapbooking crop I would have pages pinned to the curtains for ideas and I would change a few other things too. 

My BEST ADVICE is to always create your basic booth so that it is easy to change to fit the current theme. It doesn't HAVE to be this elaborate but it does NEED to look professional no matter what you are doing.  NEVER hang your sign on the front of the table because when people are standing there- no one will see it. If you have to, create a frame to put up to hang it from.  Advertising your business is the MOST important thing you can do at function.

You will need a basic TOOL kit of items to take with you:  Just to name a few:  extension cords, a light on a stand, pins, tacks, tape, stapler, table cloth, extra adhesives, a cover for the table if you are doing an overnighter- this not only keeps away theft, it keeps any dust off your items.  We also take a hammer, wire to create hooks if needed and bulldog clips of various sizes. This is a good reason to set up your booth at home and put all the "tools" you use in a box and take it with you!

As always, I am happy to answer any questions. Sorry some of the photos are dark, I didn't take them all and yes a flash was used. It was just DARK in the morning when they were taken with very little/poor lighting in the tent.

Our next booth set up is in Pleasant Grove at the school for our favorite crop next March, I think-


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Deborah Smart

Wow, your booth set up looks fantastic, Gwen! Thanks for sharing your set-up tips; I'll keep them in mind :)

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