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Gold Leafing Project

Hi everyone!

Last night in our Mia Maid & Laurel Young Women's activity we created these beautiful gold leaved pictures and then framed them! It was so EASY to do and I am going to buy more leafing and create some other projects! The trick is to LIGHTLY crumple the sheets do NOT wad them up and then wonder why they won't come apart ;o). And the other trick is to NOT try to "smooth" it out once you have it on the sticky back of the picture because you want the rumpled look to show through and you can tear it or ruin your project by trying to smooth it out and once the gold sheet hits the sticky you CANNOT move it!

Tile 007

The words were created on the computer  and made to fit a 5x7. Lynn our YW Leader, took it to Staples to be printed on Transparencies and cut .

We sprayed the back with spray adhesive and the girls put the gold leaving (after gently crumpling it up first) on the back to cover it and then I turned mine over and pressed- this is where I wished I had taken my Stampin Up Brayer with the foam roller on it! I will be sure to do that from now on!

It was easy to trim off the outer edges and place it in the frame and TA DAH! Done!

you could use any photo, the temple, somethingChristmas etc the key is black lettering on a Transparency!

Have fun ad thanks for stopping by today= my weeks are filled with Church activities lately, leaving little time after work for any stamping but come back this weekend for a few projects!


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