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Well, as of Friday afternoon my daughter Katie is officially a member of the Army National Guard.

Boot camp and then aip (I think its called)  start late February 2013.

Katie Oct 26, 2012
I have mixed feelings about this.  I am very proud of her for choosing to defend our country, but I am desperately worried about the protection of our military under the current government administration. 

Should this administration be re-elected WHAT protection will my daughter or any other soldier have by our government?

The proof is in Benghazi and the lack of support given to our Ambassador, and troops and officials there. 

If you don't know the REAL story then you need to read about it here and here and here, but be sure to choose the October 26th link to hear the truth!

check out what the Father of the Navy Seal Tyrone Wood had to say about how he was treated by the president and her majesty HERE.  Shocking!

As a mom all I can do now is pray that this nation will wake up to the lies and the secrets from the White House and vote them out of office for the protection of our children, our grandchildren and ourselves!

God Bless America, PLEASE Vote Romney/Ryan!

Now, watch for this sticker on a kia car and you will find us, please honk and wave (it will be right beside my Stampin Up! Sticker in the window!!) Bumpersticker_daughter_in_national_guard
Anyone have a link to scrapbooking supplies for the guard? I will have to start some new books now!

Hugs- Gwen


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Congrats to your daughter, i hope she will be very happy with her choice.
as a Canadian i have a nephew returning in December from Afghanistan...and will breath much easier once he is back home with his wife, children and family.
god bless all those who choose to serve and protect.

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