Happy Halloween!

Candy Corn Fudge!

I made this last night for the pot luck lunch at work today (and a shepherds pie)

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Fudge 007



3 c Sugar

3/4 cup BUTTER

2/3 c Evaporated Milk

1 jar Marshmallow Creme (or fluff as some call it)

3 tsp Vanilla:   use 1 tsp in the main mixture and set 2 tsp aside for the second mixture listed in the directions below

3/4 c Nestle Semi Sweet choc chips (MUST be semi sweet chips)

1 c White Baking Chips

Orange gel food paste- the kind  you use for coloring frosting for cake decorating- (Wiltons find it at Michael's).  Food color works too, but not as dark or even.

  • Line an 8 inch pan with foil and spray with Pam set aside
  • Combine sugar butter and evaporated milk in sauce pan
  • On medium heat- bring to boil STIR CONSTANTLY it will burn- and cook for 4 minutes
  • Take off burner and add vanilla and marshmallow creme
  • Put 1 1/2 c into a heat resistent bowl and add the choc chips  stir well and pour in the bottom of your pan lined with foil and put in the freezer
  • Divide  off 1/2 of the mixture left into a heat resistant bowl and add the orange gel paste coloring and mix well
  • Pour over the chocolate mixture
  • Add the white fudge to the top
  • Add orange sprinkles lightly over top
  • Put back in the freezer or refrigerator
  • Let set and cool completely -
  • Cut with a COLD knife or it breaks apart and serve! 
  • Delicious!

I am going to try this with red white and green for Christmas- and this is awesome tasting fudge too- so will definiately take a batch with me to the Thanksgiving pot luck !



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