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The REAL Milk Story and Mitt Romney


So, you may have noticed that even though the election is just weeks away, the media hasn't managed (although I'm sure it has tried) to uncover any "dirt" on Romney.  If they had, I assure you, we'd be hearing about it CONSTANTLY.

Here's what they also haven't managed to report on - the unbelievable generosity and decency that seems to define Mitt Romney.  Watch/listen to this story all the way to the end, you guys.  And then ask yourself why you haven't heard more about it.

I think the answer's pretty obvious, don't you?  (by Chicks on the Right from Facebook) BE SURE TO WATCH IT THROUGH TO THE END AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

This is WHY he doesnt give numbers of what he is going to do before he is elected- he has to KNOW THE EXACT NUMBERS FIRST before he can make a plan! Now THAT is what a REAL business man does and another reason I KNOW that Mitt will make a great president!  - Gwen



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