This is what a REAL First Lady acts like!

You know I am a Romney supporter and Ann Romney has been someone I look up to for years.

This is just a wonderful speech and I wanted to share it- there is info and truth here that you may not know about her- and her husband I hope you will watch it! I am so sick and tired of the lies about her and Mitt by the opposing party I want to puke!



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Sandy Dean

Hi Gwen,
I have been watching every night... I agree she is a wonderful role model and I believe after seeing the convention and hearing all the wonderful things about the Romney's we will be very blessed to have him in the White House!! We just have to get him there...
Anyway, I had to tell you, I live in Plant City, FL and that is between Tampa and Lakeland where he was flying out of and I was stopped getting on the interstate this morning to wait till my future President and all those traveling with him and there were a bunch... passed by me! It was awesome to see... just wanted to share!

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