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Remembering My Sister, My Best Friend

Today is my Sister Pat's Memorial Service.  I just want to share a few old photos of her and let you know that I just can't begin to tell you our story, but please know of the deep love she and I have always shared no matter how much older she was than me or how far apart we lived from each other most of our lives.  Remember that Family is Forever if you follow the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ.

 Just for clarification- my sister was 14 years older than me- ( only 64 at her death)  She died from a stroke with a blood clot the size of a tennis ball on her brain.

In the black and white photos I am about 7-8 years old - the little girl is my niece Michelle, she was born when I was 6.  The 2 little kids- brother and sister are my niece Michelle and nephew Rusty (he "prefers" his grown up name of Chuck) -  the family photo contains my Maternal Grandmother, our Mom, my sister with my niece sitting her her lap (about 1 yr old) and Pat's best friend from Wapato, Washington high school:  Sherry Chadwick.

Th photo of the tall lady and the short girl by the car are my sister and my niece.  The black and white with the 3 in it are my Grandma Cochran, my sister and myself when I was about 1.  We lived in El Cajon California then.

the coloqr photo of 3 are me at 18, my Aunt Eileen (my dad's sister) and Pat this was taken about 1981.

  • Pat and I
  • 4 gen and sherry
  • Aunt Eileen Pat me
  • Young pat
  • Dad mom pat i
  • Westpoint
  • SCAN0039
  • Gramma c  pat me
  • SCAN0053
  • SCAN0054
  • SCAN0038



I can't begin to express how much I will miss her and I promised Pat that I would carryout our plans to have Mom's Endowments done, and sealed to our Dad so that Pat and I can be sealed to our parents for Eternity. Click here for info  and HERE

Thanks for letting me share.  I am really going to miss her!




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